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Fibreglass Bodies


The Max FX stylish, new generation buggy is proudly designed and developed by Beach Buggy Australia. Available in both long and short wheel models the buggy offers quality, classic lines and total driving comfort. Above all a Max FX Beach Buggy represents fun, enjoyment and an excellent lifestyle choice.

The bodies are made using modern glassing techniques, which ensures a stronger durable finish. Choosing the colour of your buggy can be an exciting part of the project as there are infinite possibilities when it comes to the colours and coatings of Max FX bodies. From solid colours to amazing glittertex metal flake the high quality finish will set your buggy apart in any crowd. 


Max FX Long Wheel Base

The Max FX Long Wheel Base body has been built in compliance with Australian Design rules and is an excellent choice for any new buggy build. Designed to fit a standard VW Beetle pan the LWB buggy can accommodate 4 seats and provide plenty of room for your camping gear. For those of you with young children compliant baby seats points can be fitted.

BBAMFL1 Solid Gel Coat $ 5500.00

BBAMFL2 Metal Flake $6000.00

LWB Buggy Starter Kit

MAX FX LWB Body Solid Gel Coat, Windscreen Kit including Glass and Rubber, MAX FX Dash, Buggy Headlight Buckets



Max FX Short Wheel Base

The Max FX Short Wheel Base is designed to replace a buggy body on a pre-registered shortened VW pan. Classic lines and a modern finish ensure this body will bring new life to your buggy project.

BBAMFS1 Solid Gel Coat $ 5000.00

BBAMFS2 Metal Flake $ 5500.00



Manxter 2 x 2 Builders Kit         $14 000

Grey Primer Kit(Body, Bonnet, Windscreen, Windscreen frame,

Airbox and fitting kit,

Dash(Black) (Lower dash Tub, Upper cover, Glovebox and kit, Aluminium Instrument Plate,

Hardtop(Black) and fitting kit

Rear Seat Mount and Anchor

2 x Rear Bucket Seats and Seat Covers(Black)

Roof Support Cage and side Intrusion Bars

Transmition/Horn Support

Front Bar (BJ / LP)

Rear Engine Cage

Side Mirrors

7 inch Headlight Buckets and Narva Lights with Parkers

Rear Tail Lights -Hella

ADR Crash Plate

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