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Building a Buggy

There are a few options when building a MAXFX beach buggy;

1. Total Project Buggy: You doing or sourcing all of the work. Recommended for those very handy in the workshop i.e. welding, mechanical etc

Purchase a MAX FX body and major parts from BBA and gather second hand beetle parts and chassis etc and do the build yourself. Many folk take on a buggy build as a project and there are many great websites and forums out there where buggy heads share their ideas. (check out our links page). BBA are currently developing a manual for a Long Wheel Based Build which should be available soon. Prices for bodies and parts available in Products section, check out starter kit discounted price.


2. Part Project Buggy: Recommended for those handy and capable of doing some of the work and BBA doing some of the more technical aspects of the project.

A combination of you doing some of the work and the team at BBA completing some of the work. Eg: you can get BBA to fabricate your pan/chassis ready for you to continue your project. Prices are quoted depending on the specific work requested. Check out our Chassis and Barwork tab for prices.

3. Total BBA BuildRecommended for those wanting someone else to do all of the work.

The team can build your dream buggy from start to finish. From standard to extreme the team at Beach Buggy Australia can custom build a buggy to reflect your personality and individual styles. At BBA we want your buggy to be that stand out vehicle that you have always wished for.We have an unrivaled reputation and are experienced buggy builders and we pride ourselves on the quality of our builds. We have a passion for the buggy lifestyle and invite you to come and get a piece of the action.

Prices for total builds are variable and available only after a good buggy chat! Your requirements and budget can be discussed with the team and we recommend you give us a call in workshop hours.

Getting us to Build your Buggy

Quoting a price for a buggy build on a website is not practical as your Buggy build price will depend on many variations. For example;

  • Vehicle supplied: By starting with a good donor vehicle you can save yourself some cash. Whether an old buggy or a VW Beetle your starting vehicle will influence the cost of your build.
  • Which parts you choose: You can choose new or reconditioned parts depending on your budget.
  • Engine : You can choose a reconditioned or new VW or go for a water cooled option and these choices will affect you overall cost.
  • Accessories: Variations and accessories are many, so your build price will vary depending on whether you go for a classic standard look, a tricked-up streeter or an off-road machine.

There is no such thing as a generic beach buggy each have their differences and at BBA you can tailor a build to suit your budget. From mild to wild, street, bush or beach BBA can get your build on track. We suggest if you are ready to talk price give the team a ring during workshop hours to discuss your budget and specifications.

At Beach Buggy Australia we want our customers to love buggies as much as we do and are committed to building the very best buggies available in Australia. So if you are ready to discuss your build options call the team now.


I would like to thank Christine for all her help in making this website come together.
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